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Welcome to

"The Singles Network Ministries" UK.

We are a ministry designed to assist pastors and leaders in starting, building and maintaining their young and single adult ministry. Successful singles ministry starts with helping young and single adults to:

   1. Develop their identity in Christ
   2. Find fulfillment in Christ
   3. Pursue relationships with other believers
   4. Grow in their relationship with Christ
   5. Learn to disciple others

Developing a single adult ministry is not just about hosting social events or providing an environment for finding a mate. It's also about teaching single adults to find Christ and, in turn, teach others to do the same. Relationships with each other will develop naturally as a result of group members having right relationships with Christ.

How We Do It

We accomplish this through consulting, speaking, conferences, seminars, and leadership development activities primarily led by Kris Swiatocho, our international director as well as local pastors/trainers in the UK. We also have this amazing website that includes articles, leadership resources, speakers/councelors, other singles ministries in the UK, as well as events. You can even sign up to get our free monthly ENEWS here that includes the latest articles, resources and events. 

We are excited to be working the UK and seeing how God is linking us all together for his purpose. If you want need help starting, growing or building your ministry or if you are looking for speaker/teacher for an event, let us know.

Contact information:
Kris Swiatocho, International Director
US Site:
UK Site: