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This page is a work in progress, if you have a question or query that has not been answered here then please do contact us for further assistance.

Is Christian Single Mix only for singles?

Christian Single Mix was developed primarily to provide community and ministry as the premier online community for Christian singles to mix, meet & match.  To enable Christian Single Mix to fulfill this calling, membership to the site is reserved solely for Christian singles aged 18 and over. See our definition of single.

We believe Christian singles should be recognised and celebrated within our local churches and Christian communities. We don’t believe, however, that singles should be isolated and marginalised as a separate, exclusive congregation.

As we aim to serve Christian singles in the context of authentic wider Christian community, Christian Single Mix also offers access to some areas of the site to those that aren’t single.

You don’t need to be single to access our Ministry pages, containing articles and blogs for all Christians and our Showcase pages that highlight some of the amazing gifts and ministries of Christian’s like you.

The Mix100 Experience is also a must do for all Christian’s. Click here to find out more.

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How does Christian Single Mix define single?

Our hope is that Christian Single Mix will be a blessing to all single Christians that are aged 18 and over.

This would include Christians that are single because they’ve never been married, those widowed, those single by divorce or single through separation.

For those that are single because they are currently separated we encourage using the site to mix for fellowship online. Additionally it would be appropriate to meet up with other Christian singles for friendship where this is desired.

We believe that from a biblical and practical viewpoint it is better not to get involved in romantic dating whilst separated until any unavoidable finality of separation is brought to closure through divorce.

We recommend that you take time before dating again to come to terms with any outstanding issues receiving God’s grace as all sufficient in its healing processes allowing you time and space to move on.

If you are in this situation and finding it challenging, do feel free to make use of our confidential online ministry by emailing us your prayer requests for our team of experienced ministers to pray for you and reply with an encouraging word.

You can edit your preferred options to mix, meet and or match at any time so you can always decide to use the match for dating option at a later stage if you wanted use the site for fellowship and friendship first.

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How do we define Christian churches?

The great high priestly prayer of Jesus in John Ch 17 V20-23 expresses His heart that all believers everywhere might be one.

We hope that Christian Single Mix will demonstrate a mix of unity and fellowship amongst all of its members covering a full range of diversity and tradition.

As such we welcome as members Christian singles from all mainstream Trinitarian Christian traditions that recognise Jesus Christ, the son of God as Lord and saviour and aim to adhere to bible based Christian living.

Christians from the following traditions all come within this definition:

  • Church of England and Wales, and other Anglican fellowships
  • Church of Scotland and other Presbyterian traditions
  • Roman Catholic Church
  • United Reformed
  • Baptist Churches
  • Methodist Church
  • Orthodox Churches including Russian and Greek
  • Pentecostal Churches

There are many other Independent Churches including Evangelical, Pentecostal and Charismatic churches which are within Trinitarian definition. This would also include single Christians involved in simple/organic/house/missional churches.

Whilst we respect people of all faith backgrounds and those of none, this would not include singles belonging to Churches which do not accept the Trinity for example:

  • Jehovahs' Witnesses
  • Mormons
  • Unification Church

Also those churches, fellowships, organisations and groups who claim an exclusive relationship with God, who reject the possibility that salvation can come to those outside their particular persuasion do not fall within our definition for the purposes of Christian Single Mix.

We trust that our definition serves as a useful guide. If you are unsure or would like any further clarification please do contact us.

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Where do I enter my promotion code?

Enter your membership promotion code on the membership sign-up page.

Enter your Mix100 promotion code on the Get Mix100 now page.

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Why we offer Full Membership subscription rates?

At Christian Single Mix, membership is not just a term for users of the site.

As Christ is the head of this ministry, we believe that members of this body of believers share a role and responsibility in ensuring that it can serve all of its members well.  

To serve with excellence, the ministry team at Christian Single Mix are investing much time, talent and treasure in the ongoing technology and development of this project to achieve its position as the premier online community for Christian singles to mix, meet & match.

We will also be investing to grow a very large UK based member base over the coming months for you to expand your social boundaries as a Christian single.

To resource this vision, the founders of the site have been the first to give.

For the ongoing progress and sustainability of the site there is only one of two ways it can be funded.

Free sites usually offer poor quality alternatives and depend on advertisement based-revenue which can lead to compromise of the features of the site and content.  It can also attract uncommitted users and pseudo personalities that don’t really buy in to the ethos of the vision which ultimately detracts from the DNA and experience of the site members.

We believe God wants better than that for our Christian singles.

Our God given membership strategy for Christian Single Mix offers a great method for us to best serve our members in an authentic faith filled environment. Our Full Membership subscription rates are very affordable and our Best Value option works out less than £1 per week after VAT. This small charge allows us to be constantly reinvesting in the service so that you’ll always be discovering new features and ministry facets to edify and build up for the good of all members. Our Customer Services team is on call daily to ensure smooth running of the site and a team of ministers are available for prayer. 

Also very importantly, we believe that a service that members pay for is more likely to encourage committed, responsible membership.

We request card details and 3D secure compliance on all full memberships to ensure a greater level of security to our members by means of an enhanced identity verification check.

We trust that you will really catch the heart of the site and want to be a contributing member of this body of believers. Not just for ourselves but for the greater good of the wider ministry of the site. This means that we would ask you to refrain from using the site to try and gather contact details to use outside of the site to try and minimise your paid membership period. We hope that you would want to be a real member by sowing in a small seed for all of the 1,000’s of Christian singles that will be served through Christian Single Mix.

We are first and foremost a ministry and if there is a genuine reason why a paid subscription might be a barrier for you to join then please do contact us and we will consider special circumstances on an individual basis.

We trust that you will be blessed as a real member of Christian Single Mix, owning and growing the ministry together.

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How do I set my 'Automatically renew my membership' option?

There are two ways to set your 'Automatically renew my membership' option, either when you signup or after you have signed up. Please see below for both methods.

To set your 'Automatically renew my membership' option when you are signing up simply tick or untick the option just before entering your card details:

auto renewal at signup

To set your 'Automatically renew my membership' option when you are already a member simply login to the 'My account' section and tick or untick the option just after the 'Plan Type' options and then click the green 'Submit' button:

auto renewal after signup

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What is 3D Secure?

3D Secure is an authentication method that Visa and Mastercard have introduced to increase the security of internet transactions and is used widely throughout the internet.

Card holders setup their own authentication with the bank that issued their card and it is a one off procedure.

We choose to uitilise the 3D Secure scheme for all full membership signups including zero value signups.

We enforce this requirement because it ensures a greater level of security on our website by means of an enhanced identitiy verification check. This is for the benefit of all users as it assures that all full members on the Christian Single Mix website are enrolled on the payment card providers independent 3D Secure scheme.

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Why do I need to enter my card details when I have a 'free' offer promotion code?

Our priority is to facilitate an authentic faith filled community for real Christian Singles to Mix.

This is why we request card details and 3D secure compliance on all full memberships including for zero amounts.

This offers a greater level of security to our members by means of an enhanced identity verification check.

All payment transactions are encrypted using SSL technology.

Before any renewal period, we send out friendly email notification reminders and it is very easy to cancel your membership at any time and to unsubscribe to renewals.

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How do I upload my profile picture?


To upload or change your picture - Go to your 'My Profile' page click on 'Change picture' then click, the 'Browse' button > locate the picture that you want to upload, select it and click open > click 'Upload Picture' > left click and hold down, now move around your picture to select an appropriate area of your picture to be cropped and loaded as a thumbnail preview picture (indicated by the marching ants), when you are happy with the crop selection click 'save changes'.        

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